Did you just accidentally erase something and wanted to bang your head on the wall for doing that? Or your beloved photos from last night’s party went corrupt because of the memory card? Or maybe emptied your Recycle Bin instead of restoring it? Fear no more. ‘Recuva’ your files without having to pay for anything.

Recuva (a slang way of saying recover) is a Windows utility software that allows you to restore the files that you’ve accidentally erased from your computer. It can even recover files from your emptied Recycle Bin, images and/or other files that were damaged in memory cards or various MP3 players, and even those which were crashed by bugs and viruses.

Even if you have deleted, or formatted your HD after a crash, Recuva can help you restore your lost files. A file is not exactly ‘deleted’ unless it needs to be overwritten. So technically, you have a bigger chance of recovering your files if you don’t save new files. It scans your hard drive and gives you a list of deleted files so you can recover and bring back those files.

Aside from recovering deleted files from your computer, it also supports cameras, iPods and flash drives to help you recovering those precious photos and music. It basically supports all rewriteable media that you have, so whatever files you need to recover, Recuva helps you.

Damaged, formatted or corrupted disks can also be recovered. Recuva will try to recover as much files as it can even if it looks empty. And whatever size your disks are, from TBs to GBs to MBs, Recuva works fast so you can recover your files sooner.

What I like about this software is that I can see which picture I really want to recover before saving it. And it also features overwriting your deleted files in Explorer so it is basically impossible for any hacker to get back those files even if he tried Recuva.

If you can’t see anything on your first scan, try the Deep Scan; it might be longer, but it gives you a bigger chance of recovering more files. And if you need to bring it with you, grab the portable edition into your USB flash drive – without installation!

Stop paying for data recovery software, and Recuva your files the free way!

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