Rival Knights from publisher Gameloft is a joustling game with simple mechanics, but the graphics and presentation makes this one a winner. Gameloft has come out with some good games for the iOS and Android, and this one is no exception as the unique features will keep you hooked.

The action is in three parts: tap to get ahead as the timer goes off and stop the speed bar when it becomes yellow or green, as speed determines who wins. Finally you need to drag your lance to inflict more damage. The nice thing about Rival Knights is that you need to be on your toes because one wrong move spells defeat.

The battles in Rival Knights boil down to the stats, and speed, power and armor are the determining factors. However, Rival Knights does implement a five star system so you know who you’re going up against. The single player section is where you should start, get familiar with the mechanics, but it’s the multiplayer events that form the meat of the game.

Multiplayer battles are timed, and you take control of your character and earn points by winning. There’s an event leaderboard to keep you updated on players’ standings. The more games you play and win, the more coins and gems you will win. Because the game uses the energy system correctly, the actions don’t get repetitive. More than that, the jousting works very well. You have the option to buy IAPs, but they’re not necessary and you can advance and enjoy the game without spending money.

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