ZigZag from developer Ketchapp is essentially a game that tests your reflex and hand – eye coordination. The objective is to help a marble ball move across a zigzag wall, all the while making sure it doesn’t fall off. The premise is simple and the mechanics are easy to grasp, but mastering the game is another matter altogether.

The controls are as simple as it gets: all you need to do is tap to change the ball’s direction, so you can play the game with one hand. But if it gets too hard, use both hands to change to the left or right, whatever is necessary.

What makes ZigZag such a challenging – and addictive – game is it randomly generates turns, so you can’t memorize the turns the next time you play. One game you could have the ball going straight for a stretch, and in another the turn happens instantly. The faster the turns appear the more difficult it gets, because it requires quick tapping. The graphics and sound are decent, but they’re secondary to the gameplay really, as this is all about your reflexes and how long you can keep the ball rolling.

If you haven’t played this kind of game before it’s going to be challenging to say the least, but you’ll eventually get used to it. The more you play the more you’ll get better at it, but it’s still going to be tough particularly in the latter stages. If you’re the type who likes to play in spurts and into challenging games, then ZigZag will suit you just fine.

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