Trivia Crack isn’t the first trivia game to appear on the iOS and Android, but publisher Etermax made sure the game would stand out from the rest by incorporating unique elements. At the same time, there’s a familiar feel to it so the learning curve isn’t going to be difficult for casual gamers.

When you launch the app it will ask you to connect to your Facebook account, which isn’t all that bad since you’re supposed to play this with your friends anyway. Also, the game isn’t going to post anything on your account without permission. If you want to sync an ongoing game across your smartphone and other devices, use an email address to create an account.

After a quick tutorial, you’ll see arrows directed at buttons with a text overlay that details their purpose. You start a game with a friend or random player, and each one takes turns answering questions in various categories. The categories are varied enough and include history, science, sports, entertainment, geography and sports.

There are two modes: Challenge and Classic. If you go Classic, it’s turn based, and you keep going as long as your answer is correct. If it’s wrong, it’s the other player’s turn. The player spins a wheel to determine which category the question will be picked from. You can either accept the category or spin again if you want to try another category, making it a lot of fun.

If you love trivia games, then give Trivia Crack a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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