The Path to Luma from NRG Energy proves that games with a message can be enjoyable and entertaining. NRG Energy is a company devoted to clean energy, and they’ve come up with a cool game to get their point across. You play SAM, an androgynous robot whose objective is to remove pollution, harness sustainable energy while providing power for different planets.

There are 20 planets, and the first thing that will strike you is the unique art and physics. Every planet / level will have SAM walking across the surface. Using your finger you’ll have to help SAM transport, clean and use special tools to power dwellings and eliminate pollution.

The Path to Luma will have you using solar spears to harness solar power, use turbines to produce energy and turn hydrogen into fuel. These are real alternative energy sources that the game manages to integrate seamlessly. Once you’ve got a solar panel ready, tilt a planet to turn it on. You will also see water being cleaned, turning from dirty brown to blue.

The more you clean the closer you’ll be to bringing the planet to life. Solve the puzzles and you will see animals appear and grow into one ecosystem. Aside from the gameplay, the use of polygonal style graphics adds to the game’s atmosphere.

Any way you look at it, Path to Luma is an exciting game with a fine mixture of challenging yet solvable puzzles. If you play the game long enough, you’re also going to see some dragons, gnomes and other fantasy creatures, which should keep you going.

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