Hambo is one fun action game for the iOS and Android. In this game from Miniclip you play a pig named Hambo and your goal is to blast your way through various levels and find your buddy. Unlike similar games, your weapons here are extremely varied, adding a different twist to the genre.

The story is pretty cool too; Hambo and his buddy Bacon just came home from fighting in a war. Some bad pigs abduct Bacon and Hambo goes on a mission to find Bacon, and he does this by killing all the pigs you can see. The game is a lot of fun, and one of the things that you will enjoy are the wide assortment of weapons available.
After you beat your enemies you will earn coins and get to move on the next level.

There are 200 levels here so this is not a game that you will finish off quickly. What makes the game challenging is the fact that in some levels you only have a limited number of bullets to kill all the enemy pigs, so you need to manage them carefully.

While there’s plenty of action, Hambo is rooted in physics, and you need to do a lot of trick shots and be creative to avoid failing bricks and other obstacles.

Hambo is not just a fun game but it doesn’t take itself too seriously either, so you will definitely enjoy it. The levels are well designed, and the new sceneries that appear will definitely keep you interested in it for a long time.

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