If you watch a lot of movies you’ll notice that in many cases the subtitles are not in sync or just completely wrong. In that case you might want to use a program like Subtitle Edit, an open source application that does exactly that, edit and correct movie subtitles.

With this program you can create or edit subtitles or sync existing ones on movies, and it doesn’t take too long to get it done. At first glance the main window looks a bit crowded, but the information is actually well designed. Just choose the subtitle you want to work on and it will be displayed in the center of the window, and you can access the functions in the menu or the top buttons.

SE screenshot

The settings menu allows you to change the configuration, but the default is good enough for most users. As far as support goes, Subtitle Edit can handle 200 types and it only takes just a few clicks. Apart from the syncing and editing features, Subtitle Edit also has an auto-translate feature that works very quickly.

The interface is clear enough so you can convert between supported formats easily, and the program can display a spectrogram or wave form. If necessary, you can use the program to edit the auto display time and merge and split subtitles. There’s also a wizard for repairing common errors, a handy feature for first time users, and there’s even an Open Office spell checker. Overall, Subtitle Edit is a very useful utility and does exactly what it should.

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