Soothing folk acoustic music is a quintessential part of the rainy days, and Jeff Piank has created an eight-track collection of these soothing favorites for the colder season titled Paper Window.

The singer/songwriter from Milford, Michigan has put together this album with the intent to explore memories, producing a personal album that resonates Pianki’s artistry and soul.


Missing Parts welcomes the ears with subdued, acoustic strings that tinkle and rouse the senses. Listen as the simple yet crisp vocal warms your heart in every line.

Paper Window Dreams makes use of blissful piano keys and genuine lyricism, creating a musical experience that digs deep to the core. With well-penned lines such as, “Everyone I’ve ever met has felt something I haven’t yet. A cause, a cure, a deep regret. A face, a fear they can’t forget,” Pianki gives us a sneak peek into his thoughts.

With a touch or rootsy bluegrass and country, listening to Old Habits is like drinking an old whisky: smooth and warming to the soul. A controlled and full arrangement of harmonica and guitar strings gives just the right tinge of roughness and flavor to make any rainy day perfect.

One of the things that makes Jeff Pianki stand out from the multitude of folk artists today is his ability to breathe life from memories, forming beautifully sincere music that approaches the heart in a warm, comforting embrace.

Track List:
1. Reenactment Pt. 1
2. Missing Parts
3. Paper Window Dreams
4. On Forgetting
5. New York Or Here
6. This Town
7. Old Habits
8. Reenactment Pt. 2

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