Welcoming contemporary style while, at the same time, honoring old-school rock flavor, En L’air by Dark Furs is a progressive, sharp-edged piece that thrives between the old and the new. Dark Furs is a female-fronted indie pop group from Los Angeles, California, consisting of Suzanne May and Chad Philipps.


The three-piece set opens with a power pop drum intro in See Her. The dark-hued electro rock arrangement suits well with Suzanne May’s stunning voice as she chants and swirls in each note, treating our ears with wild and addictive vocals.

Magnetic Man follows with flawless rock pop melodies that feature textured riffs and rhythmic drum hooks. Ambient vocals and glowing atmospheric keys in the background balances the flavor of the track.

The third track, 1984, closes the short yet solid set with classic rock n’ roll musings that are layered over mystic vocals and electro-pop melodies. The powerful, pumping drum beats leaves the listeners with a boost of energy.

In En La’ir, Dark Furs puts its place on the cutting-edge boundary of indie rock/pop, blending well-loved genres and creating a collection that’s full of uninhibited talent and creativity.

Track List:
1. See Her
2. Magnetic Man
3. 1984

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