Sorcerers of rock and roll, better known as Rubedo, plays with our ears and psyche in Love Is The Answer, a 10-track collection that progresses and overhauls current beats.


My Oh My opens the collection with introspective lines that burst concepts of fear, change, and one’s journey. Here, the Denver-based group strips themselves from all the glam and kitsch and delivers a grungy rock ensemble that’s filled with subtle drum beats and thick guitar undertones.

Title track Love Is The Answer, imbibes just the right energy to create an enjoyable pop piece with touches of soft and surf rock. Textured vocals and sharp, content-filled writing set Rubedo’s music apart from its mainstream counterparts.

For a chill Friday night, listen to Law Of Attraction while having a drink. Release the stress from the whole week through the song’s flawless, smooth-sailing tunes and sharp electric guitar play-ups.

In Love Is The Answer, there is an evident, conscious effort from Rubedo to stir away from the picture of mainstream pop-rock. Their twists and poetic writing give another depth of flavor to their songs.

So download, press play, and let these warriors of indie pop rock take you on a journey out of the box.

Track List:
1. My Oh My
2. Love Is The Answer
3. One
4. Whom You Fear
5. Who
6. Psychic Tune
7. Law Of Attraction

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