Jack White brought back the old and dusty blues to the mainstream music charts. He made it cool again, he turned on a fuzz pedal and gave us riffs that we are still singing nowadays.
He evolved the dusty blues into something that teenagers, hipsters, selected ears, could listen and enjoy.

Countless bands, very successful and famous ones (insert The Black Keys here) and not that famous ones all over the world, were influenced by him. HolySexyBastards is one of them.

This is a Venezuela born, Canada based band and they can hit you like a 350 truck going at full speed.


Their guitar riffs are hard, fuzzy, dirty, and very well composed. They have it all: catchy tunes, dancy beats, great melodies, and a really freaking cool band name!

And there is this great song order in the album. This is something that not so many people think is important, but hell it is! It can be the difference between skipping a great song or a great album nowadays to listeners. In a world where people DON’T listen to complete albums anymore, this makes a real difference in keeping you interested or not.

Perfect Ten opens this great record. This song has it all, and it can be a great presentation card to everybody who knows nothing about the band. It all hits you at once: It starts with a church organ intro, and then… it happens: dancy beat, catchy and strong melody that blows you and great great riffs. I dare you to not dance, shake your head and sing along to this song!

Breakup is the sixth song of the album, and my personal favorite. The kind of song that every band needs; one that might never get radio airplay, but takes over with the best sounds you heard in a while. Holysexybastard’s use of great old fashioned riffs hits you. ‘Breakup’ is, obviously, a breakup song that everybody can relate to. You can almost feel it in your bones when the band sing ”SHOOT ME, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. And in the end, I’ll get my revenge”.

You can feel the guitar and lyrics in your guts. It’s like the singer is commanding and praying on his knees at the same time; he wants to get hurt so bad, so then he can get his sweet revenge. Great tune.

And finally, there is Nice to be a girl, eleventh song of the album. This song mixes the riffs with improvised verse duels and pentatonic melodies, then adds a very nice and sweet chorus. When everything is getting fuzzy and dark the band gives colour to the song, so sing and clap along “It’s nice to be a girl, ‘cause boys will buy you things”. Isn’t it true girls?.

Great debut album, kudos for them. The moment you press play, you won’t be able to turn it off.


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Track List:
1. Perfect Ten
2. What Are You Talking About
3. Kiss Your Friend
4. Sweet Home
5. Is It True
6. Breakup
7. Well Being
8. Red Lighted
9. III
10. Getting Over You
11. Nice To Be A Girl
12. I Could Use You
13. Dear Enemy
14. Calling