Solar System Explorer 3D by Neil Burlock puts the Solar System in your mobile, and then some. The graphics are HD and there are lots of information about the various areas you can explore. It’s really as much an education app as it is a fun way to discover the wonders of space.


At the left of the screen are your destinations. Tap the one you’re interested in and pinch your finger to zoom around. Drag your finger to rotate, and if you want to now ore about the planet you’re exploring tap the book icon.

The images are from telescopes and space missions so they’re clear and crisp. The default settings work fine, but you can change the FPS (frames per second) to match the capabilities of your mobile. The app runs without a hitch but if there are issues you can look into the performance screen option.

Solar System Explorer 3D also lets you view the planets as they rotate, and by tapping the Solar System button you’ll be able to view the planets as they are in space. There is even a flight mode where you can fly around complete with special effects, and it’s a great way to experience what it’s like to fly in space.

It is this free flight mode that most gamers will be familiar with. You’ll fly around the asteroid belt, go around the planets and see their landscapes. Since the images are based on NASA photos, they’re very accurate and give you a good idea of what it’s like to be a real space explorer.

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