Europe isn’t an attraction for nothing; it’s bundled with lots of musical wonders!

Beyond the exquisite sceneries of Prague, the Czech Republic has one more secret weapon in store: Thoola. The alternative band made a big risk by making an all-English record (this one), but now reaps the rewards via rave reviews. Yey!

Save for the thick Slavic accent, the five-piece wows ala-The Cranberries through the starter, ‘Manuscript.’ Think of it as a Gothic rock interpretation of a walk towards Count Dracula’s castle: sultry and mysterious. They, then, head straight into alt-rock territory with ‘Unbroken,’ a could-be indie favorite that contains all the elements of good 90’s college radio (their inspirations, perhaps).

This tone prevails on the succeeding tracks, especially on the somber ‘Heart Loss,’ worker anthem (finally) ‘Burnout,’ and the simplistically-arranged ‘Look.’ The set goes all-out somber in ‘Nomad‘ and ‘Reborn,‘ but still spunky enough to make listeners yearn for more material from them.

Send us love from Prague, will you?

Track list:
1. Manuscripts
2. Toy Soldiers
3. Empty Box
4. Unbroken
5. Heart Loss
6. Burnout
7. Look
8. Tomorrow
9. Nomad
10. Reborn

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