Yesper is one of those rare Seattle jewels you can find for free on the internet. Every song on his album is kind of peculiar, engaging, magical. He recorded senses sensei EP in empty penthouses in a high rise apartment building under construction as his Bandcamp page suggests.

You can hear some Bon Iver’s sound in his voice, some John Mayer’s popsy tunes in his guitar strumming, but Yesper’s vocals mix with his own brand of multi-dimensional rhythms. What makes the sound so wonderfully captivating is the blend of acoustic and electric guitars with the lead vocal staying the same. He gives listeners a varied sonic adventure.

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There is something post Police-Sting about this record in a really soothing and earnest way. Yesper has produced a tight, compact record that exists in a vulnerable space that doesn’t know it is being corny, but is just honest and sincere enough to be interesting and compelling.

The songs are short and compact, getting in and getting back out on each track, the longest one being a luxurious length of 3:37. He doesn’t linger after he paints you the picture. He seems to be saying to his listeners: You get what I am doing and you know that I am good at it.

The Album:
Vulgar Mouth:
An intricate and exploratory tune. It has the sense of a journey and the percussion drives it along the road and sometimes the singer’s voice takes me to a Tom Yorkish state. I don’t know, there is something very peculiar in his range that reminds me of High and Dry. He has light, airy vocals that can whisk you away for miles.

Northern States:
This feels like something from the late 80’s combined with an old John Mayer bootleg. The electric guitar has that Mayer’s groove along with Yesper’s vocals soothing and seeping at the same time. Dripping with rich and delicious texture, the layers of guitar sounds and subtle harmonies make for a powerful and engaging track.

Yesper is trying things your ears aren’t sure they like yet, but they will soon. He’s very smart and knows what he is doing, so give his album a try. The joy in listening just grows with each subsequent play.

Great EP.

Track Listing
1. Vulgar mouth
2. Northern states
3. Honest men
4. Moving parts
5. Butcher’s boy
6. Brightest minds

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