Carrying the torch of indie pop rock, Apache Dropout adds some extra cool retro vibe to spice up their personal sound. This six track promo EP sounds like it was unearthed from some 60s traveller’s suitcase.

Filled with jaunty, The Doors sounding tunes the album is a great delight to listen to, especially if you love retro rock music.

Apache Dropout hails from Bloomington, Indiana. The band is made up of Nathan Warrick, Sonny Alexandre and Seth Mahern. Together, they have released several short albums and hopefully there’s more to come from this talented trio.

From the moment you play the first track, I’m So Glad, you know there’s something more to this band. The song welcomes you with a screaming wail, dusty guitars and a track that sounds like it was recorded at the back of a pick-up truck running through a dirt road. The single might seem rough but this definitely adds flair to the song.

Another track I’d gladly take with me on a long drive include, the upbeat and raunchy, Teenager; from the vocals to the instrument work, you could easily mistake it for an old Who cut (and no it’s not just because of the Teenage Wasteland vibe). The EP is rounded off with the Johnny Cash inspired single, Run Peacock Run, which is another favorite of mine.

With a penchant for abrasive retro rock and roll, the band pretty much carves up their own niche for modern listeners to take pleasure in. The EP provides a great deal of insight on what you can expect from these Indiana natives. Grab this 6 track EP for free or shell out a small amount and help the band by buying the full 11-track album.

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