Horses Heaven, from California, are an indie-pop band formed by a “real life” couple – Analise and Bijou, who make their music to be a diary of their lives together. “I have found… that my relationship with my partner, with the world, & art is all interconnected with love being the water that flows through it all,” says Bijou in an interview. On their honestly personal debut Before the Breakdown, we are introduced to the duo’s intimacy as well as their infectious melodies.


Throughout Before the Breakdown, there hangs a compelling positivity and a vivacious lust for life and love. This mood is set as soon as the thumping beats of the opener, Dancehall, roll in and Analise sings to us a little tale about falling in love on the dance-floor. The track is followed immediately by one of the album’s highlights – Hello World, where Analise aims to show how the world that we may sometimes consider hostile and unknown is quite the opposite if we take the time to go out and get to know it better. “Say hello to the world outside,” the singer urges us amidst vibrant trumpets and guitar chords.

The album, on many level, reminds of Florence and the Machine. Horses Heaven’s upbeat, chant-able melodies and the organic choice of instrumentation serve as acknowledgement to the style of Florence and her band, while the song-writing shows subtle influences from artists like Bon Iver.

In all, Before the Breakdown is a collection bound to be enjoyed by indie fans, as well as anybody in search of lively, light-hearted music.

Favorite Track: Hello World


Track List
1. Dancehall
2. Hello World
3. Gypsy
4. Before The Breakdown
5. Hummingbird
6. Old White Steps
7. These Are The Days
8. Don’t Let Go
9. Dancehall Remix

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