What makes traveling perfect? It’s when you find the perfect combination of freedom, adventure, fresh perspectives, and, of course, good music to accompany you along the way.

Aaron and Andrews On The Run is a pleasurable mix of seven relentlessly catchy masterpieces that will enliven your body and soul. Aaron (vocal/guitar) and Andrew (guitar/BGV) weaves an ensemble of pop, rock, and alternative influences as well as a dash of optimism in their lyrics to create a medley of engaging sounds.

The Other Side welcomes the ears with a healthy dose of rhythmic thumping and folk strings, which will undoubtedly boost anyone’s energy level. Accompanied with crisp vocals, this track will surely jumpstart your journey.

Calling Me Home follows with vibrant piano keys and a smooth wordplay that fall effortlessly in every clap and note. Chase The Sun, on the other hand, features saccharine instrumentals that slowly build up into a celebration of pop acoustic melodies.

aaron and andrew

Closing the album is Collapse, which presents a canvass of atmospheric ambient sounds with dashes of glistening keys that deliver that certain kind of rush, perfect when traveling the road.

On The Run gives you enough of what you need to connect yourself with your surroundings and heighten your senses with every note and melody.

Track List:
1. The Other Side
2. Calling Me Home
3. Chase The Sun
4. Never Lost With You
5. Count On Me
6. Future Light
7. Collapse

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