It feels like being in a scary action movie right when you hit play on that first track. Perturbator’s New Model album is dark and moody, and almost Matrix like. It draws you in and keeps you till the last song with it’s 80’s sci-fi, dark synth, horror movie like qualities. Makes sense as the artist behind the music, James “Perturbator” Kent himself belongs to Blood Music Record Label, listing Nocturne City as his Hometown.

There is not much about the artist online; in fact all that his about section cites reads:
“The legend says he’s half human, half synthesizer… I make Dark and Retrofuturistic music inspired by the 80’s.”
Well that is enough for me. His fans often compare the music to something reminiscent of Bladerunner or the Doom soundtrack, but taking it even more then just one step further with it’s electro-grimy synths. As one of the them wrote “It’s just a whole new kind of evil”, while others maintain that “If there’s a synthetic church then surely Perturbator is it’s God”.

And this is exactly what you can expect, the grittiness, the power; the combination of industrial-techno and 80’s synthwave but darker. So if you get hooked remember to check out Perturbator’s other releases. All of them available on Bandcamp as pay what you want model, which means you can download it for free as well. But if you get hooked like us, remember to go back and tip the artist to further support his creations.

Track List:
1. Birth of the New Model 04:57
2. Tactical Precision Disarray 05:26
3. Vantablack 05:04
4. Tainted Empire 04:54
5. Corrupted by Design 04:46
6. 09:25

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