Sometimes starting your morning with nothing but good beats can change your entire day. It can help you keep going, focus. Today we get some help from Poldoore’s new Transient EP, a five track hip-hop chill instrumental album with some jazz flavors sneaking in just in the right moments.

“Cutting that soul, funk and jazz into atmospheric instrumental hip-hop, Poldoore’s music is about good vibes. Spending parts of his youth in the US as well as in Belgium, Poldoore quickly found himself making beats. With his ears both in old and new, he carved out his own distinctive, melodic sound. When in his late teens, his productions caught the eye of L.A.-based label Cold Busted, signing him for various releases and two full-on albums.”


“After the successful release of his debut album The Day Off earlier this year, Poldoore has more than a good summer to look back to. While playing gigs across Europe, he never seemed able to stop making beats. Au contraire, Poldoore’s new Transient EP is the musical compilation of his favourite places of last summer. While autumn falls, this EP is the perfect opportunity to look back at the previous season.”

Poldoor works with several worthy checking out labels including Cold Busted, Nowadays records, Cult Classic Records (whose releases we featured earlier on FrostClick), Dusted Wax Kingdom and others.

Give Transient EP a spin and let us know what you think!

Track List:
1. Nova Mar Bella
2. Lighthouse
3. Come Back
4. Golden Route
5. Le Palais

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