Adolescence can be quite an inventive period for many, with childlike creativity pairing up with an artist’s developing maturity. Lost Days by The Weeks is a record that the band tracked a decade ago, when they were just 15 years old. They say that the record was “lost for years until the neighbor’s mutt dug it up and dropped it on the porch”.


Lost Days does not, in a single way, sound like the work of 15 year olds. The songwriting can be awfully clever, as displayed on tracks like Call Me, and the performances are fiercely enjoyable. The band’s heavy guitar-driven rock sound draw influences from indie, blues rock, 70s rock and punk; and bring to mind bands like Thin Lizzy. Lead singer Cyle Barnes tone is as raw as it is passionate while Johny Fisher never stops weaving through the loud and rough guitar chords with his impressive guitar licks.

Lost Days stands as proof that juvenilia can be just as enjoyable as the work of a matured artist. As The Weeks said “Anything you do in junior high, you tend to relish in the fact that you will change and grow… We are proud of our past”.

Favorite Track: Call Me


Track List
1. Kissing A Stranger
2. Call Me
3. Get Up And Dance
4. Altar Girl
5. Baby You’re A Goner
6. Too Damn Pretty
7. Wishin’ My Week Away
8. Buttons
9. Dog Days
10. Skipping Stones

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