The music of Sweet Play from France belongs to the more sensuous department of electronic music. On their second EP, Colours of The Day, the group gives us a set of eight carefully constructed electronica gems.

Sweet Play‘s greatest strength lies in their astute brilliance at creating ethereal atmospheres, and it isn’t hard to notice how densely layered the music is to produce this entrancing effect. The group’s wide arsenal of hazy synthesizers, Rhodes pianos, electric guitars, and also violins blend into a beautiful and dreamy blur of nostalgic sensuality. Adding to the mood are the EP’s melancholic female vocals which often bring to mind the soft and whisper-y style of FKA Twigs. The group’s style draws influences from trip-hop and also Euro-pop, and their melodies are catchy enough to stick in your head for a while.

The Stolen Gift is a gorgeously mellow jam, built from serene vocals floating only on a simple steady beat and a droning synth. The Island, on the other hand, begins with a lone piano and soon morphs into the loud buzz of a distorted synthesizer.

Favorite Track: Head Fake


Track List
1. Light of Freedom
2. Lonely
3. Head Fake
4. The Stolen Gift
5. The Island
6. Precious Time
7. Lonely – Remix
8. The Stolen Gift – Remix

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