The Wldlfe from Indianapolis are a pop-rock trio brought together by singer-songwriter Jansen Hogan. Their website biography states that they are dedicated to bringing the “new age of pop music”, which proves to be a tad misleading as we head into their music to find that its nothing experimental as the website may have led us to believe; and the “honest quality” that the group claims to bring to the genre is nothing we haven’t come across before. While The Wldlfe may not yet be as revolutionary as they aim to be, they sure have a knack for making immensely enjoyable pop music, as their debut EP shows us.


The Wldlfe’s sound can be best described as The 1975 with better songwriting and without the overly sugary production. The trio’s boyish charm never stops flowing through, even as the EP constantly shifts in mood. The opener Waterfalls is a playful track about breaking up, and the EP’s lead single Somebody’s Gonna Love You, with its explosive synths and booming drum beats, is as catchy and carefree one can hope for. Momma Told Me and the title track, on the other hand, are slow and stripped-down featuring Jansen’s honest introspective lyrics.

New is certainly an impressive debut record. With more of such well-written and smartly produced tracks, I’m quite sure we’ll be hearing about The Wldlfe more often in the future.

Favorite Track: Somebody’s Gonna Love You


Track List
1. Waterfalls
2. Momma Told Me
3. Raincoat
4. Somebody’s Gonna Love You
5. New

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