“I found my shining knight and he is all I need” Melanie sings on Madly, Deeply, the second track from her debut EP. Perhaps it’s only Melanie being herself, but this coy persona is what What Is Love is built around, and is a great deal responsible for its genial charm. The seven tracks show us the fond and curious Canadian singer-songwriter exploring her way through young love: learning of all its joy, and also the heartbreaks and bitterness.


While musically rooted in the country genre, with banjos, acoustic guitars and the occasional electric guitar lick; Melanie borrows the commercial catchiness of pop and implements it with much success, following the style of various Top 40 female singer-songwriters like Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat (both of whom she has covered on her YouTube channel).

The EP doesn’t waste much time in showing us how capable a songwriter Melanie is. The opener is a fairly hooking listen, and then comes the sincerely tender Madly Deeply which many may consider a highlight. Her melodies are memorable and the production they are set in stays suitably light and organic throughout. Deeper For You is as adorable as country-pop gets, and Let’s Start Again wouldn’t sound out of place on an Avril Lavigne record.

However, Melanie is yet to develop a distinctive style to separate her from the swarm of young girls like her entering the genre; something recognizable enough to tell listeners that they’re listening to a Melani Ungar record. While this distinctiveness could be in the musical sense, it could also be in terms of an image or personality: like we have Taylor Swift for when we’re in the mood to flick off our exes and Beyonce for our dose of empowerment. But it’s only her first EP, she has an entire journey of artistic growth ahead of her. And besides, it wouldn’t be fair to be so wolfishly demanding of a record so lovably cute.

Favourite Track: Madly, Deeply


Track List:
1. What Is Love
2. Madly, Deeply
3. Deeper For You
4. One Day
5. Open
6. Let’s Start Again
7. Madly, Deeply (Acoustic)

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