Ty Andelman originally belongs to the group Lyonn as its vocalist. At Your Age, his first solo project, is a collection of tracks that he wrote before the formation of his band that could not be used in any of their records since they differed from the band’s style of music.


The EP gives us three tracks of slow and cinematic pop music. Ty uses the record as a screen for his invisible emotions and his most personal declarations. You can hear his eagerness to connect with the listener. The EP can feel haunting, sad, beautifully desolate and quietly sensual all at the same time, which stands as a testament to Ty’s abilities as a songwriter.

The songs Closer sees Ty singing “I want your legs over my shoulders/ I want your dress over the bedroom floor” with his voice full of an intense desire that is equally present on Silver Screen Love. Meanwhile, on Fairground, Ty cuts down on the lust and focuses instead on sharing a more emotional intimacy with his lover.

Ty Andelman is undoubtedly a gifted songwriter. His music possesses an ability to capture and project the unexpressed emotions that we all have hidden within us. It would be great to hear more solo material from him.

Favorite Track: Closer


Track List
1. Fairground
2. Closer
3. Silver Screen Love
4. Closer(Acoustic)

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