Soundiseverything by Rowan Lewis was released last May 2013. Featuring a six-track collection, the 16-year old singer from UK wishes to express herself by creating beautiful music. Subtle melodies is created by the smooth voice and soft music of this EP.

Packed with much emotions, What Love Is talks about slipping over the edge and not having the ability to go back to fix the mistakes in the past. The sound of xylophone adds a melancholic flair to this song.

The melancholy continues in the Rip-current as it starts with the line “we’re falling down the pit, were slipping out of touch.” The song boasts a delicate and soft cooing harmony that will surely lull you into your bed full of dreams.

Anchoring, the last song in this EP, is not as polished as the other tracks. Heavy strumming of the guitar can be heard. This song treats the listeners with a thick country folk sound.

Soundiseverything is a sinuous fusion of talent and genuine passion. A perfect album to fall asleep to, a perfect album to end your day with a smile.

Track List:
1. Onlooker in the Paediatric Wing
2. Coming Home
3. Ode to a Relationship Based on Conflicting Emotions
4. What Love Is
5. rip-current
6. Anchoring

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