Smoothies: A thick beverage that blends together raw ingredients such as fruit or vegetables to create a delicious drink. Smoovies: The latest release from UK based beatmaker, mtbrd (Matt Beard) that blends together some of his favorite tracks to make a delicious album. This albums flavor is bumping, sampling old school grooves as the main ingredients. I could go on comparing this album to an actual smoothie as well as the parallels between music and cooking, because Matt’s cooked up something great with this album.

After a witty intro, mtbrd gets things bumping with Fanfare. It opens up with energizing trumpet blasts before dropping solid drums over the loop. This track features Flamingosis, who is known for having a similar style. The eighth track, I Wish I Knew U shows off Matt’s sampling skills. He chops up those vocals into fine samples and layers them over the beat precisely, paying attention to the start and end of the samples. You can almost feel agile fingers skillfully striking pads and triggering the samples.

mtbrd smoovies 2

Smoovies is a great blend of old school grooves and new school beats. It’s been over three years since mtbrd released an album through his Bandcamp. He has been featured on various Keats Collective compilations alongside other artists that we’ve reviewed including Flamingosis, Saint Pepsi and Vanilla. Matt is active on Soundcloud. So if you want to hear more of his tasty beats, be sure to follow him.

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Fanfare feat. Flamingosis
  3. Runaway
  4. Smoovy
  5. Girl Next Door
  6. Sparks
  7. Do U Remember?
  8. I Wish I Knew U
  9. Learntwo
  10. Bruised
  11. Kwickie
  12. I Miss U
  13. The Inclination
  14. Someone Who Needs Me
  15. Urmy

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