The Rift: Twelve Minutes And A Day EP

The EP Twelve Minutes And A Day is the debut album of the UK music duo The Rift which composes of Aleena Arfan and Charlotte Adams. These girls are only sixteen year old, yet they are incredibly talented.

Without Feathers: Three Songs

You haven’t really heard the “rawest” kind of acoustic music until you hear the Without Feathers. Composed of Nat Johnson, Emma Kupa, and Rory McVicar, the trio just formed their band last March 2013, yet they bring a musicality that’s so amazingly polished. This is no mystery, since each of them already came from different seasoned bands.

Richard Jacobs: Blistering Winds EP

Released only on July 2013, Richard Jacob’s first EP entitled Blistering Winds captures our hearts through his moving lyrics and charming voice. This splendid singer-songwriter from UK delivers us five songs that cements his role as a dreamer, a singer, and poet who can remain true to himself and reveal new things at the same time.

Joel Dunn-Wilson: Superman

Are you craving for some good ole acoustic tunes? You’re in luck! Joel Dunn-Wilson is getting his musical gear into place with his new (and probably, the first) EP, Superman. In this four-track collection, the tunes are all guitar and no filler, just the way we like our iPod fodder.

The Gorgeous Chans: Jaguar Club

Another band to hit the UK indie music scene is The Gorgeous Chans, and it looks like their fiesta beats are here to stay. After releasing two hit EPs last year, the 6-piece act returns with a 3-track collection – Jaguar Club – of fun, folk-infused, upbeat pop that might just take your playlists by storm.

Cleft: Whale Bone

Try to imagine a fourteen minute song made by a drum machine and then try to compress it into a three minute soundtrack. That is what Cleft is. A 2-piece turbo-progressive band that makes massive instrumental music using guitars and some drums.