Singer-songwriter Derek Clegg serenades the alt folk country community with Stop The Line. Brimming with fourteen tracks, the Chicago native plays with rhythmic structure, deep emotions, and a whole lot of guitar lovin’.

Welcoming our ears with textured riffs is Another Man. The low, grunge backdrop blends well with Clegg’s effortless soothing vocals. Less Than Perfect harks back to well-loved country folk musings. Press play and let charming melodies of guitar strings and percussion accompany you in a rainy night.

Either Way gets my vote as the album’s standout track. Intonation patterns in the delivery adds uniqueness to this sonic marvel.

In Grow Up, Clegg sheds a part of himself by weaving introspective self-penned lines. There’s also a sense of continuity with the flow of tracks as each jumpstarts from the sonic mold of the previous.

Who Let The Dogs Out is a pleasurable break from the subdued tempo. The funky country arrangement and drum beats add a playful flair.


Sink deeply into a hypnotic state with Body is Perfect. A whispering, sharp delivery add sensuality and tense to the track. Crazy is another song sure to grab you attention, as its effective use of hooking beats and escalating instrumentation conjures a heartwarming, chill-out vibe.

Try not to demand that Stop The Line be more upbeat or loud, remember that the best musical experience comes from albums that settles naturally in your ears. So go ahead, relax, and let Derek Clegg create you a private oasis.

Track List:
1. Another Man
2. Less Than Perfect
3. I’ve Got It Made
4. Landing Gear
5. Either Way
6. Afraid To Be Heard
7. Grow Up
8. Found It All
9. I Can Do Better
10. Who Let The Dogs Out
11. Body Is Perfect
12. Crazy
13. Winding Road
14. Brother

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