Maximum Car from Ancient Games/Tea & Cheese is all about fun racing. Style wise it brings back memories of classic games, but it has the features you’d want in a modern mobile racing game. Cool graphics, simple controls and engaging gameplay, they’re all here and more.

The goal is race as fast as you can and destroy the other cars that get in your way. Your car accelerates automatically, so you just need to tap left or right to steer. Hold and tap lets your car drift, essential in some situations. Swipe to the right if you need a speed boost, and if there’s somebody ahead, swipe left to launch a missile.

This isn’t just about racing to win though. If you can blast a car with a missile or run over it, you’ll be able to unlock it. The more basic cars just need a couple of hits to be taken down, while more powerful cars need a lot of hits. Some cars are more durable and others are faster, giving you incentive to collect them.

You also earn coins by overtaking other cars, completing missions, racing on the wrong side and avoiding a big crash. There are IAPs but you don’t have to use pay to enjoy the game. You need race tokens to enter a race, but they are easy to get too.

Maximum Car is a great little racer. Each race is just the right length to get you excited without dragging on too long, and overtaking is a blast.

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