Need for Speed: No Limits is a well-made mobile adaption of the popular franchise. The game, courtesy of Electronic Arts, comes with 30 licensed vehicles and you can upgrade and customize each one. The NFS franchise has always been known for their graphics and fast racing, and this is no exception.

There’s no break / accelerator combo in the controls, as the car is always running at top speed. Because of this, it’s your task as the driver to handle the drifting, steering and nitrous boosting. The different control system might take a bit of getting used to, but give it time and you’ll get used to it. You can control the car with accelerometers on your device, using it like a steering wheel, or tap the screen left or right.

There are several races you can participate in. There’s the standard, go-for-the-fastest-time against other drivers, while others are set in time trial mode or require you to do jumps. There’s also a catch up mode where you need to catch up with another car, plus many more.

The more you race the more rewards are given, including car upgrades or getting a new one. Just like in real racing matches your car has a finite amount of gas; however you can use currency to fill it up or just wait. The good news is when you play, premium currency is readily available so there’s scarcely a need to wait. No question, Need for Speed: No Limits is another outstanding entry in the franchise and should satisfy racing fans everywhere.

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