Deep Sea Diver is a five-piece Seattle-based band comprised of Jessica Dobson on vocals, her husband Peter Mansen on drums, Garrett Gue on bass, and Elliot Jackson on guitar and synth under their very own High Beam Records. The group was officially formed in late 2013 when Dobson decided to give full attention to her musical vision after years spent playing with top level artists (Beck, the Shins, Spoon, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

The four-track Always Waiting EP is the band’s second album. It comes filled with songs like One by One and Always Waiting – colorful and oblique sounds conveying emotional depths and wonders demanding listeners of their full attention. Their music is diverse but never too scattered. Their desire to explore and conquer the boundaries of rock and pop go that extra mile and the precisely arranged lyrics just add that special something. Each track further contains intricate harmonies filled with delicate melancholy and charm.

As a group, Deep Sea Diver successfully brewed a unique and distinct rock sound. Indeed, it is a sound worthy of a little exploration. So take a dive and press play.

Track Lists:
1. Always Waiting
2. Juno Song
3. One by One
4. All Chalked up

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