When it comes to indie folk, you probably have a long list of them on your music player. However, Mike Savino aka Tall Tall Trees delivers a different kind of indie folk, one infused with a bit of blues and a whole lot of soul. This banjo player has been mesmerizing audiences with his brand of indie music for some time. He has released two albums, a self-titled debut (2009) and this one, Moment (2012.)

Armed with an epic banjo technique that goes through loopers and effects; you can bet you’d never heard a banjo played like this before.

Moment is his latest compilation and comes armed with 9 tracks that flourish with pure indie folk pop goodness that will easily make a convert out of you. The album is offered at a name-your-price digital download but also available in CD versions and Limited Edition Vinyl for purchase.

Starting the compilation is Highwire; a sweet uptempo melodic track that shows off Mike’s capacity to create beautiful drama in his tracks. His voice is both soothing and relatable, something you won’t mind listening to all day.

Men and Mountains showcase a slower yet still melody-filled number while The Elk offers a more blues inspired type of folk rock. You’ll get those Southern style guitars with awesome banjo work. It’s an interlude of sorts since it’s all instrumental.  Finally, Waiting on the Day is a cool, upbeat track that showcases fun banjo playing from the singer/songwriter.

Overall, if you want something to keep you relaxed, this is a fantastic record to put on. Tall Tall Trees deliver awesome cuts one after the other. If it won’t lull you to sleep and send you off to neverland or make you appreciate the banjo; then at least you’ll have something to relax to.

Track List

1. Highwire
2. Vacation
3. Alaska
4. Men and Mountains
5. Wake the Moon
6. Lonely Weekend
7. The Elk
8. Waiting on the Day
9. Nothingless

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