While catchy, sugary melodies may not be the first things that a metalhead may search for in a record, it is impossible to resist a snappy, hook-heavy metal album whenever it comes along. In Virgo, from Los Angeles, is a duo that plays hard-hitting alternative metal, tinged with industrial rock and electronica. On their 12-track, self-titled debut, we are given an intoxicating dose of well-written, chorus-centric music.

The pictures on the duo’s website show them, in true angst-y metalcore fashion, dressed in black and donning slick, emo hairstyles. The tracks on In Virgo are an arrant reflection of this image. The theme here is about ‘breaking free’ – from self doubt, from authority, from anything that stops you from being your best. The reflective lyricism may be rooted in vocalist Chris Hodges‘ experiences with anxiety and depression (as he revealed in a interview.)

The music on the album, in contrast, is menacingly high-octane. The industrial riffs are dense and low-register, and on occasion, we are treated to a blistering guitar solo. Chris Egert‘s synths, meanwhile, maintain an air of tension and a goth aesthetic reminiscent of Evanescence always lingers around. The spotlight, however, belongs to Chris Hodges‘ vocal performance. His angst-ridden voice plays the perfect match to the distressed atmosphere, and his delivery brings stirring enthusiasm to each catchy, anthemic chorus.

Favorite Track: The Light At The End

1. Set Me Free
2. The Light At The End
3. The Chosen
4. Lost All of You
5. The Poison
6. Breaking Apart
7. Public Enemy
8. Bully The Few
9. Revolution
10. Colours
11. Exposed
12. Part Of Me

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