Singer-songwriter Michael Ellis picked up the electric guitar at the age of 9, and has been playing rock and roll ever since. With 15 albums already under his belt, Michael’s prolific-ness and intense love for creating music need no further proof. His 2015 record, Very Good Album, however, proves to us with its kaleidoscope of styles and ideas, what a musical chameleon he can be.


The series of artists and genres that Very Good Album draws inspiration from is staggeringly diverse. Odds possesses an undeniable The Smiths vibe; The Wee Spot harkens back to the carefree sound of 60s pop bands; the mean and muddy Light-Headed evokes Nirvana; and the Bob Dylan influence on Lakeland and All That Matters is clear as day. In recreating his favorite artists, Michael hardly hits a wrong note and his understanding of each genre shines through in his songwriting.

To go with the album’s cheerful vibe, Michael adds a good amount of sarcasm to his lyrics. The most prominent display comes on the record’s most fun track Haselhoff Saved The Day. “I took you out for waffles – when Haselhoff saved the day/ everything was awful – when Hasselhoff saved the day” Ellis sings over the track’s bright, upbeat guitar chords.

Only a few tracks into Very Good Album, the record proves to be exactly what its title claims it is. A thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Favorite Track: Hasselhoff Saved The Day


Track List
1. LA
2. Odds
3. Hasellhoff Saved The Day
4. The Wee Spot
5. The Wrong Choir
6. Light-Headed
7. Car On A Train
8. Do You Wonder
9. French Kisses and Cat Hair
10. Angel In Control
11. Lakeland
12. Nerd To The Pretty Girl
13. All That Matters
14. Half A Million (Bonus)

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