“I create music for the broken people of this world: people who are struggling with brokenness, seeking comfort, love, peace, and acceptance. My mission is to help them see the powerful love of Christ through my music.” Elyonbeats writes on his website. The Christian beat-producer from Sacramento, California has been making music since 2011, and calls himself a “Nocturnal Creature” in view of his ability to guide people “who are lost in darkness”. A Week With Elyonbeats: Sleep Edition, however, sees Elyon creating music especially for insomniacs.

The 7-track EP is the result of a week-long YouTube series by Elyon, where he made a new beat everyday, each based around the theme of ‘sleep’. The compositions, as one would expect, are cool, encompassing and ethereal. The tracks, for most of their lengths, feature minimal percussion, and Elyon’s choice of focusing on organic instruments rather than digital sounds proves to be highly effective in creating the EP’s dreamy, mellow ambiance. The slow-burning string sections calm us into a quiet repose, while the pianos keep our attention to the music.

Though the record may have been created with the aim to put people to sleep, by no means must it be limited to that use. Elyon’s melodies are equally fitting soundtracks to reading on a rainy afternoon, or stargazing on a breezy night – essentially any activity that may help us unwind.

Favorite Tracks: Lost In Thoughts, Exploring

Track List
1. Past Is Past
2. Lost In Thoughts
3. Lucidia
4. Explporing
5. Melancholy Dreams
6. She’s Gone
7. When Darkness Fades
8. Astronomical Symphony [Bonus Track]

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