Cassis Orange is a one woman ectro-pop act by North Carolina native Autumn Ethinger. She lived in Japan for a while hence the name Cassies Orange which is an Japanese alcoholic drink. Cassis Orange EP is hook laden pop sung in a straight forward manner. She uses a plain synth and drum machine that may seem cheesy were it not for her strong vocals and songwriting. There’s a certain charm to how it goes together. Casssis Orange is on North Carolina based label Grip Tapes that has quite a few acts worth checking out.

“Listen Heartbeat” has a dance beat accented by some really funky synth effects and cool brake-down toward the end with just Autumn’s voice and the drum machine, before the big finish at the end. ‘Hold on lean closer and I can whisper, of all the times you’ve wished we were together, you didn’t want them, so what’, Autumn’s laments in a heartfelt vocal delivery on “O, So What” .

“Still No Home” which closes the EP is the track that is wildly addictive. It has a really strong rhythm couple with Autmn’s yelling the lyrics, it’s a high energy track.
Autumn helps prove once again that if someone has a good feel for rhythm and ear for melody than they can use some of the most simple instruments and make music that cannot be denied.

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