Fill up your heart’s desire for the classic with Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson popularly known under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.

After its publication in 1865, the book reaped a lot of negative reviews. It was remarked as too extravagantly absurd and a sheer nonsense. But despite of this, Carroll persisted with another book entitled Through the Looking Glass and resigned from his day job to write full time.

To date, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland can be found in any of the nursery shelves. It was also adopted into several movies, the latest was in 2010 by director Tim Burton.

The book tells the story of a girl who falls down a rabbit-hole only to find herself in a magical world full of fantasies and anthropomorphic creatures.

Contrary to the 1865 comments, Carroll’s tale showcase the tragic and inevitable loss of childhood innocence. It also tells us that life is one unsolvable puzzle, it’s frustrating but we still need to move forward.

Carroll’s writing flourishes and expands like wonderland — anything is possible. He tries to develop new words, puns and goes beyond the conventional linguistic style.

Overall, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is a piece that goes ahead of its time. It explores the idea of a surreal dream that represents the real world. So hit click and devour on this classic tale.

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