Fooducate is an app that gives you information about the food you eat. With this app from Fooducate Ltd, you will be able to track the food you eat, know whether the food you’re eating is healthy or not and help you lose weight. In short, if you want to live healthy, this app can help.

There are a lot of functions here, but among the most important is tracking your diet, exercise and the number of calories you consume every day. It will also scan a product’s barcode, or you can browse its product database or use its search function. In addition to this you can check out any food’s nutrition info, its pros and cons and if there are healthier options.

In addition, Fooducate lets you add foods that you want to monitor, and you can also share your thoughts and views with members of the community. This app also lets you create a shopping that is healthy and nutritious, and you can even add some products for it to analyze.

Apart from providing you with information about different types of food, you will also learn about the effects of excessive sugar, what trans fats are about and the effect of food colorings. Given its huge number of features, the interface is actually clean and intuitive. The fact that products are given grades from A to D lets you quickly see the health benefits of foods. And since these ratings were done by health experts and scientists you are assured of their accuracy. All in all, it’s a great little app to keep around.

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