Time for some thrilling water-sport action right in the midst of an urban dwelling. Yes, Waterslide Extreme provides the right amount of the needed adrenaline rush for all gamers alike.

Created by FISHLABS in association with Dare Digital Ltd, the same developer who brought the much loved Rollercoaster Extreme to the iOS platform, the game is a brain-child of a popular TV commercial depicting Barclaycard waterslide.

The game is very simple yet fun and intuitive in nature. Players will surely feel the speed as they negotiate their way way down the fast paced slides with the very massive twist and turns that add to the whole fun factor of the game. Players who have played Rollercoaster Extreme will love this game a lot and specially the similarities it shares with rollercoaster extreme.

On the graphics front, the game is really huge and feels solid and sturdy for a free app. Buildings, textures, slides, character sketch are all very neat and highly detailed. The graphics provides the extra brownie points for the game and makes Waterslide Extreme an awesome playable game.

Players get to slide through cool modern cityscapes and ride with the skies as you witness dusk to dawn. The Gyroscope of the iPhone 4/4s will make gamers have a perpetual grin on their face while playing this game. The game comes quite close to reality as the twist and turns within the slides is determined by the natural velocity of the slide. So, the faster you go the more points you win.

The game features quite a number of amazing features, such as, Speed through 3D cityscape backgrounds, 9 different playable weapons, ride the slide either in 1st or 3rd person view, tilt and touch are the only controls here; hence raising the intuitiveness of the game several folds. Further, for every five items collected in a row there are bonus points that await.

Overall, the game is a great offering with the right mix of graphics, intuitiveness, controls, levels, achievements and the works. A must have for all iOS device owners.

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