Producer Tony Mahoney, from UK, has been making music since 2012. Driven by his love for hip-hop, the artist has been prolific in his output, with 5 full-length projects out already. On his sweeping 19-track mixtape, Dark Blue, we are given an hour-long ride through Tony’s eclectic style of production.

Tony’s music aims to induce in us a nostalgia about the early era of hip-hop, while also being contemporary enough to appeal to larger masses. His tracks are laden with the crackling of vinyl and the soul-samples that were a standard in the early 90s hip-hop scene, but the album also hints at influences from more modern styles like trip-hop. But whatever Tony does, he does with subtlety and taste. The tracks on Dark Blue work mostly on loops, with the repetitions gradually developing themselves and new layers piling up over time. The result is both soothing and hypnotic. Certain tracks, on the other hand, seem specially crafted to be rapped over. Dark Blue, all in all, is a rewarding listen for fans of instrumental hip-hop and electronica.

Favorite Tracks: Dark Blue, Easy To Slip, Godfather

Track List
1. What Can I Do (Skit) 01:47
2. Dark Blue 03:31
3. Easy To Slip 02:18
4. Surrender 02:54
5. I Made No Bargain With The Devil 03:01
6. Crystal 03:18
7. Disappear 03:30
8. Yes You Do 03:53
9. Godfather 03:08
10. Plague 03:01
11. Till 02:51
12. Somewhere 03:32
13. Moody Keys 02:41
14. Signo 03:00
15. Assassinate 02:47
16. Tokyo 03:02
17. Trip Thru Hell 03:16
18. Gyp 02:32
19. DITC 05:58

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