Dances with WoolFolk is a solid record that stages the members’ talents and captures them toward their journey further down the road. Band members include Michael Suhr (vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion), Burgess Brown (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion), John Ewing (drums, percussion), Brantley Macfie (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Sean Williams (vocals, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion, drums), and Heath Abney (lead guitar).

The songs in this EP are so great that you won’t mind listening to it repeatedly. Old Boy, which is the first track, is deftly created, with each stanza sung with a great meter of vocal prowess.

Jumping in to the next track, Hickies, a humorous title for an amusing song is a mid-tempo track that is as great as the first one. It does not stray away from the label of the EP, which is alternative folk music.


Closing the album is You’re Light, a folk ballad that submits to the need of the listeners. The song, aside from the great tune is a adorned by precocious imagination, as heard from the lyrics.

WoolFolk definitely claimed success in creating this album because they possess not only self-confidence in their material, but in their shrewdness, which is rare for a musician.

Track List:
1. Old Boy
2. Hickies
3. I Love LA (Trickster Getting Married)
4. Chieft
5. No Calls from Claire
6. You’re Light

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