It isn’t often that you come upon an artist with a name as uniquely bizarre as M.A.B (Most Annoying Bastard) – a rapper based in London. After gaining initial notoriety with his work as a part of a hip-hop trio called Three Headed Beast, the young wordsmith began broadening his credentials with a succession of strong mixtapes. With his latest effort – Deep, I Remain – the artist is back again to do what he does best.

The music of Most Annoying Bastard, much like his name, is hard-hitting and often amusing in its choice of words. “Lets say my mother made a monster on cutting the cord/ I got a body of work that puts bodies in the morgue” goes a line on White Sheets. Such punchlines and wordplay remain a standard all through the mixtape, whether M.A.B is rapping about going toe to toe with the best MCs in the game, or about his stringent work-ethic and passion for creating music, or even world problems. As these lyrics pair up with his rapid and intense style of delivery, the mix gets as riotous as one can expect. Listeners may also recognize some iconic beats from other rappers as M.A.B uses them in his tracks – for instance, ASAP Rocky‘s 1 Train and Kanye West‘s Mercy.

Favorite Track: Alcoholic Herbalists, White Sheets

Track List
1. Time For Action 03:32
2. Where You Been? 01:47
3. Rise Of The Machines 03:36
4. All On Me 02:36
5. Not Your Average 03:44
6. I’m With It (SKIT) 00:44
7. Alcoholic Herbalists 02:39
8. Tryin’a Find A Way Home 03:41
9. White Sheets 02:50
10. Consequence Of Insolence 02:09
11. Alleviation 03:25
12 Me, Myself & The Mic 02:40

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