Leaving Australia to learn how to play and staying in London to learn how to survive, Jay Fraser surely has a lot of cultural diversity that makes his alternative country music appealing to all.

As a modern day travelling troubadour, Fraser can match his snappy guitar work with his cultured vocals which propelled him enough air time and gave him three albums and Sketches of a Renegade, a four-track compilation of Fraser’s solo performance in Doncaster, UK.

Devil’s Play is a straight up country side music that talks about a sinning man hanging from his judgment post, with fire at his feet and his head plagued full of ghosts.

The Dark Wood continues the heavy theme preceded by the previous track. Fraser’s powerful guitar strumming is perfect in delivering the setting of the song.

The Taunting of Del Toro imposes rather a melancholic feel compared to the first two. The melody is slow and the lyrics cutting deep to one’s heart. Lastly, Breaking the Reigns sums up Fraser’s tall tale of globe-trotting and adventures.

Wherever he finds himself, Fraser impresses with his out-loud laugh and warm, considerate manner. Although he’s come a long way from Tasmania and the sea shanties, he’ll always fondly remember those drunken sailor roots.

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