Christian Hare, the man behind Shamanic Technology, is a producer who has been “glued to the studio for what feels like eternity”, refining his craft and experimenting with styles. He spent the beginning of his career creating and releasing remixes, and only began producing original music after gaining 4 years of experience. On the 4-track EP, Simulation Theory, we see Christian as a full-grown sound-smith at the height of his power.

Simulation Theory is a dubstep record that builds itself around a cheesy sci-fi theme, playing on the tropes from famous retro-era science fiction film and TV. “I don’t want to be human/ I want to see gamma rays, I want to hear x-rays, I want to smell dark matter” goes a vocal sample on Homeostasis. Complementing these ideas, Christian’s creates vivid soundscapes that sound both futuristic and eerie. Each track features an ethereal, hypnotic melody that rides on the artist’s powerful bass and thumping percussion lines. While Cellular Circuitry and Homeostasis are explosive, glitch-hop bangers, Nightshifter stands out with its airy, slow-burning ambiance. Over some soft synth notes and a pulsing rhythm, the track tells a tale through vocal samples about a man recalling a UFO sighting.

Favorite Tracks: Cellular Circuitry, Homeostasis

Track List
1. Trigram 01:11
2. Cellular Circuitry 05:12
3. Nightshifter 05:26
4. Homeostasis 04:19

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