Rapper Lucy Camp, from California, is only 18 years old. Yet, she has already bagged a record deal and raps at a proficiency untouched by many older artists. After first making waves with her debut mixtape, released when she was 16, she’s been tirelessly performing, recording and experimenting. Her 5-track EP Down Talk only cements her standing as the immensely talented artist that she is.

We are made aware of Lucy’s insanely technical flow as soon as the first verse from Shake It Baby kicks in and she hits us with a barrage of syllables at the pace of a machine gun. Her bars are riddled with clever, internal rhymes and it may take a couple of listens to notice all the intricacy. Her production, meanwhile, covers a variety of styles, ranging from darkwave to dubstep. Through the length of the EP, apart from her jaw-dropping rap-skills, Lucy also gives a glimpse into her various emotional shades, spanning from ferociously confident (Shake It Baby) to vulnerable and yearning (Can I Forget You) to humble and positive (Be You). But her strongest triumph appears at the end with the track Sixteen, which rides on an intense yet ethereal synth-pop beat and perfectly describes the pleasures and frustrations of young love. If you’re searching for a rapper on the rise with heart, skill and style, look no further.

Favorite Tracks: Sixteen, Can I Forget You

Track List
1. Down Talk (Intro) 01:02
2. Shake It Baby 03:06
3. Can I Forget You? 04:03
4. Be You (feat. Fjer & Tonedeff) 05:13
5. Sixteen 04:11

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