Having grown up in a family full of musicians, music is perhaps a second language to Lakin, from Riverside, California. The young songstress writes and also produces all of the music she records, which stands as a testament to her dedication to her craft. Four years after her debut, Lakin now returns with a gorgeous set of songs with If Night Turns to Daylight.

Lakin’s music is a rich melting pot of folk, pop, neo-soul, and jazz. In the record’s creation, she made use of live instrumentation, which was undoubtedly a great decision as the bright and lively arrangements on My Heart Still Beats The Same and Second Street clearly point out. Over the piano, the saxophones, and trumpets, Lakin’s tender voice gently glides through like a warm breeze. But most of the record’s firepower comes from Lakin’s songwriting talents. Her melodies are calm, sweet and soulful, and a John Mayer-esque vibe lingers all through the album. Lakin’s lyrics meanwhile deal with youth and all its associated emotions. On Other-Girl Syndrome, we hear about her insecurities as she sings: “‘Cause I lose a breathe each time I’m left/ For someone & I become the other girl/ I’ve got that other-girl syndrome”. Unsure, meanwhile, is all about the bitter-sweet experience of having a crush.

Favorite Track: Unsure, My Heart Still Beats The Same, Second Street

Track List
1. Unsure 03:25
2. My Heart Still Beats The Same 03:30
3. Other-Girl Syndrome 03:59
4. Bleeding Red, Beating Blue 05:21
5. Second Street 04:05
6. Kiss Me Goodbye 05:26
7. Dear Heart 03:29
8. I Choose You 04:12
9. Why Are You So Beautiful? 04:35
10. Sexy Woman 04:29
11. Catalyst 05:26
12. Feel You 06:37

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