Among the modern-day ambassadors of getting high on weed, there are none quite as passionate or popular as Wiz Khalifa, as he carries on the torch that Snoop Dogg once held. Though this persona of Wiz, may have been overshadowed in the recent past by the wild popularity of the sober and emotional See You Again (his biggest single till yet), records like Kush & Orange Juice exist to remind us what Wiz is really all about.

Wiz Khalifa is a man who lives life like its one big never-ending blunt of dope. The list of things he cares about is incredibly tiny: women, money, weed. And quite naturally, his lyrics do not bother to venture far from these three themes. When it comes to production, Wiz shows an impressive taste, using a sonic palate that draws heavily from the 80s. Soulful samples and funky retro synths back the rapper as he boasts of his lavish lifestyle and adds to the music’s colorful energy, while catchy hooks are a mainstay on the record. In all, the carefree spirit of Kush & Orange Juice is bound to be enjoyed by hood-hustlers and mainstream rap fans alike. Press play, lay back, and space out.

Favorite Tracks: We’re Done, Spotlight, The Kid Frankie, Never Been

Track List
01. Waken Baken
02. Mezmorized
03. Were Done
04. Skit 1
05. The Statement
06. Spotlight Ft Killa Kyleon
07. Skit 2
08. The Kid Frankie
09. Up
10. Never Been
11. In The Cut
12. Visions
13. Still Blazin
14. Slim Skit
15. Pedal to The Medal Ft Johnny Juliano
16. Good Dank
17. Skit 3
18. Glass House Ft Curreny And Big Kritt
19. Outro
20. Supply Ft Nesby Phips

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