Have you ever wished that you could tune out all the noise from the world and just relax? That is where TaoMix 2 from Inookta Studio comes in. With this app you can put together different sounds for to help you relax. It is like mixing music except the sounds are more nature oriented and meant to soothe you.

On the main screen you will see a white ring in the middle. This functions as your control. Move it and as it moves nearer one of the disks, that sound gets clearer. By moving the ring around you can adjust the sounds to suit your taste. Currently there are 3 categories, Water, Birds and Wind, and you can mix and match the sounds here. Part of the fun of course, is experimenting with the audio.

You can adjust the mix so it morphs while playing. As the white ring goes around the display it is going to play the sound that is nearest it the loudest. You can adjust the speed or make it halt completely. Once you are satisfied with a mix, choose the saving soundscape option so you can share it with others and replay it.

If you replayed a soundscape and want to edit something, just tap the icon on the bottom of the screen. If you cannot see the bottom menu just tap the tree dot icon. That is pretty much all there is to using TaoMix 2, and that is how a relaxing app should be. With just a few taps here and there you will get the mix you want.

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