Ready to get trippy? This record’s for you.

Don’t be fooled by the ultra-modern stylings of Electrocado. They (comprised of Mr. Bill and Ryanosaurus) have been in the industry long enough to perfect that flavor of electronica that’s both sonically pleasing and technically superb.

After a long hiatus, which was feared as their end, the duo returned with Scribble, a 12-track collection of atmospheric productions, hypnotic jams, and special synth goodness.

The album starts slow and steady with “Baited,” but goes beautifully berserk come my personal favorite, “Circadoian Rhythms.”

The remainder of the album is decidedly a groove affair with its unavoidable bass pumps. “Plinky Plonk” will sit well with fashion shows and boutique shops, as “Scribble” does when played at bars and pubs.

Bonus track “Avolectroado VIP” isn’t to be ignored, as it closes the entire package in the smoothest way possible.

Whether you’d like a quiet trip to your senses or a dance romp with the coolest in town, Scribble is your best bet.

Track list:
1. Baited
2. Piddle Smell
3. Chained
4. Circadoian Rhythms
5. Shmog
6. Singleton Fingleton (ft. FM Radio Gods)
7. Steamy Big Room
8. Plinky Plonk
9. Speedle (ft. Circuit Bent)
10. Scribble (ft. Morgan Agren)
11. Spiralz (ft. Morgan Agren)
12. Avolectroado VIP (Bonus Track)

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