Stack from Ketchapp is based on a simple premise: create the tallest building that you can, and similar to other casual mobile games, it is more addictive and challenging than it sounds – you will probably spend a lot more time playing it than you will admit. While stacking blocks sounds easy, the game adds some twists that make it harder.

When the game begins you’re going to see a block moving back and forth and won’t stop until you tap it. Now tap another block and align against the previous one. Do this over and over and line up the blocks until you get a building. It sounds simple enough except you need to line the blocks properly and as near each other as possible.

If you don’t align the blocks correctly, those near the edge are going to fall off and make it harder for you to add to the stack. This is crucial because the more real estate you have the easier it will be to balance them. The good news is if you balance the blocks properly, their area will increase, making it easier to add more.

Stack sounds simple enough and it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The key to playing the game well is to develop a sense of rhythm, and it is something you will get the hang of by playing a lot. The best part though, is there are no obstacles in your way and success or failure is really up to your ability and skill.

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